MonoNoAvare's foldable felt mat delivers hours of on-the-floor fun — with minimal mess. #etsykids

MonoNoAvare's foldable felt mat delivers hours of. MonoNoAvare's foldable felt car mat delivers hours of. Nice gifts for the hotwheels lover.

Avec etiquettes

denim leather jean label pillow by TegansCloset on Etsy, - Would be a royal pain in the ass to put together but it's a great idea!

bolso reciclar jeans DIY muy ingenioso 2

Bolso reciclando antiguos pantalones vaqueros

Alfombra vaquera

denim pockets & loops & seams denim quilt- for picnics, on the couch watching a movie, or when it gets too cold and a need an extra blanket. Functional, fun, and cute!

sac livre...

Handmade book cover Would love to make this for Mother's Day for the women at my church. Great idea for a Bible cover.

Faire son mannequin sur mesure

16 astuces pour devenir un pro de la couture (pour débutants et confirmés)

Couture | Abracadacraft, Des idées pour aujourd'hui et pour deux mains

Beautiful tops by Abracadacraft.thinking if I got an ugly blazer from the thriftshop I could do this and make it beautiful again.