by Pierre Soulages, 1977

From ARS/Art Resource, Pierre Soulages, Untitled Vinyl paint on cardboard, 109 × 73 cm

Pierre Soulages, Lithographie no.37, 1974

Pierre Soulage -easy to adapt for a kids lesson in composition and to stimulate discussion. Why the whisky line, curved verses straight, dark paint vs dry brush

pierre soulages

Not many living artists can claim their own museum. France& premier abstractionist has spent the past seven decades making radical works with the color black.

Pierre Soulages Photo: Courtesy Soulages Archives, 2014. Photo by © Vincent Cunillère Pierre Soulages at Dominique Lévy Gallery and Emmanuel Perrotin

Pierre Soulages Photo: Courtesy Soulages Archives, Photo by © Vincent Cunillère -


lawrenceleemagnuson: “Pierre Soulages (France b. Peinture, 1951 oil on canvas 73 x 54 cm ”