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In this post we have collected the best collection of kids photographs around the web with easy to shoot poses, checkout 15 kids outdoor photography ideas.

Simple concept, big impact if displayed correctly. Awesome idea for children's art project for auction

Could do on small wood or cardboard squares--love the idea, different colors. mini painted valentine heart tiles collage cute craft to show how much you love someone

en rouge et noir...

Idea--have students draw one thing several times and experiement with line designs inside each one--Variety and Rhythm! By: Tekenen en zo: Pasen

crédit photo Coopet J'aime beaucoup ces photos prises par KM Coopet : des craies de couleurs, de l'imagination, des enfants qui posent et vous avez un joli souvenir de vacances !

Séance photos

This page is a collection of awesome DIY prop ideas and tutorials that you can use to create fun and inexpensive props for your own photo sessions.


Arts visuels : idée de projet collaboratif n°1

Birds & Tree - give students the paper with the branch already drawn and they do the rest - then it will fit together into a group mural - collaborative art project - group art project

Roule ma poule !! Recyclage des pantalons. #jeans #recycle ou et

Roule ma poule !! Recyclage des pantalons. #jeans #recycle ou et