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Pandora Hearts - Gilbert Nightray (Raven)<---I love the manga and the anime!

Equus, Sharon, Mad Hatter, Break, Owl And Sheryl

Vos plus belles images de Pandora Hearts - Page 9

Pandora Hearts - Oz with rabbit eyes

Manga Coloring Lineart and coloring by Work in - SAI, Adobe Photoshop CC Break, Alice, Oz belong to Jun Mochizuki Pandora Hearts/Origin.

Xerxes and Mad Hatter

Léa Kuran possédé par son demon (donc enfermer, séquestrer, et contrôler)

Mochizuki Jun, Pandora Hearts, Lacie Baskerville, See Through Clothes

Pandora Hearts | Oz Vessalius - Elliot Nightray - Leo Baskerville - Alice Baskerville - Gilbert Nightray / Baskerville

Elliot and Oz both dream of becoming knights, but with different mission: Oz's mission is to save Alice while Elliot's is to.

Pandora hearts

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Leo, Elliot and Oz. Elliot looks the happiest... fuck.

Pandora Hearts (The art is just wonderful)

Pandora Hearts Episode 1 | Pandora Hearts - The best of Manga

Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts 93 - Read Pandora Hearts 93 Manga Scans Page Free and No Registration required for Pandora Hearts 93

Oswald Baskerville et Jack Vessalius

Pandora hearts glen (oswald) and jack. How they hay do you colour like that?

Lunettes Reim & Barma Rufus | Pandora Hearts

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gilbert nightray | Tumblr

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Pandora Hearts: Fang and Lily

Pandora Hearts- Oz B-rabbit