Magnifique Berger Allemand !!! ♡♡♡

7 week old Gerberian Shepsky, cross between a German Shepherd and a Husky. <--- This dog is amazingly cute but I'm not sure I could say Gerberian Shepsky with a straight face 😂

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They stand on washers and herd anything that moves lol Image via Top 10 Laziest Dog Breeds Image via Pinter

Are you looking for the most beautiful Halloween makeup ideas to look the best at the party? See our photo collage to pick the one that fits the costume.

33 Sexy Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Creepy Yet Cute

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Inspirations nail arts à paillettes

Gold, white, and nude nails - going to use striping tape and try to figure out how to keep the pesky gold glitter from moving about with the top coat application.

Skeleton makeup is not for everyone. But those who choose it should be able to make themselves look unique. That is what we are here for!

24 Really Cool Skeleton Makeup Ideas to Wear This Halloween

Que tal pegar aquela camisa que não é mais usada e fazer uma coleira de pano para o seu bichinho? Recorte a gola, costure os fios e coloque no seu animalzinho! #Façavocêmesmo

Fun DIY cat collar idea: trim the collar off a child-sized button-down shirt to make a cute collar for your pup. It's a great way to “dress up your dog without making him wear clothes!


Confidence in Christ. Feeling powerless and being powerless are two very different things. As you take small steps towards your goals (no matter how you're feeling) you will discover that powerless is not who you are at all!

Found this cute little guy outside my office door this morning. via Classy Bro