Tout ce que je "ramasse" à gauche ou à droite qui m'a intéressé, touché, ému, interpellé

Hey, that's an earlier iteration of my logo in my private Illustrator play-time. But these colors are amazing together. Cheers to designer of this No Doubt poster. >>> I love the radial symmetry and the colors

Sculpture Philippe Morel dans la galerie Rollin #artistes #culture #rouen

Les Sculpteurs de la Galerie ROLLIN

Traitement ombre

Luechtefeld - Type Based Design - Poster for GETXOPHOTO photography festival by IS Creative Studio. Kickass colors and papercut type.

Beautiful typo art. I love it! This one would definitely make an awesome shirt print.

The typographic design in this poster is quite unique. I like how the letters are cropped and combined. The two letters form into a good shape.

Save The Arctic by Mauro Gatti, via Behance ( Trop bien, ça me donne une idée ... STW !!! :) )

Save the Arctic by Mauro Gatti for Greenpeace. One of 30 works by Italian artists inspired by what happened to the Arctic 30 activists and the fate of the Arctic.

Sandales Monroe - Sézane

Monroe sandals by Cezanne look so good on your feet and they're not too high to walk in.