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This one has a great clean static look, and it has a soothing feel. Even with the bright colors.

Image & Type: Here is a Visual graphic Artwork Composition Poster Mixer cover Design. It allows the image and text speak for itself since it is a such a historic quote.

Gedankenskulptur: Art, Skateboarding, Music and Science Festival Poster by…

Architecture Sans Frontières on Behance

Architecture Sans Frontières Photo by Stefan Björklund on Behance


This split image and type is design well because of the greyscale coloring. Target audience Design- overall the font selection was perfect because it is still readable. I like the white space on the right gives the illustration depth.

Typographies - Berline - Les Graphiquants

Typography - Sedan - The Graphiquants


Contrast and repetition in Poster

Badcass • Affiche en letterpress • 1 couleur en débossage + 1 débossage pur • Design : Sophie Pertuisel pour Badcass

Badcass • Affiche en letterpress • 1 couleur en débossage + 1 débossage pur • Design : Sophie Pertuisel pour Badcass

Pompadour – Identité – Les Graphiquants

Pompadour – Identité – Les Graphiquants== The name of the brand/ person is printed large and the word is separated into section of how to pronounce it.


this interaction of patterns and colours is nice, the black type on top works…

On tourne en rond - impression en tons directs - Les Graphiquants (France)

on tourne en rond=we turn around in circles=>on tourne poster by les graphiquants

Les Graphiquants

Les Graphiquants - Studio de design graphique basé à Paris

Les Graphiquants

HELMO #poster

jazzdor 10 : HELMO on Designspiration

black and white

"I find this interesting for it's boldness and it's visual extensions of the T and H directing you toward the world Typography." Also, the white space between, and groupings of the word typography lead you the bold print.

Voici un petit assortiment de typographies qui devrait vous plaire !

type/illustration May the Force be with Me by Andre Beato Graphic design inspiration


The Great Outdoors design and illustrator Warwick Kay. Seeing this has given me the idea to create a monoline poster capturing the full outdoors of Aberdeen.