La chambre n'est faite que de bois naturel. Lumineuse idée !

Ausbau Apartment Wiesbaden is a minimalist house located in Wiesbaden, Germany, designed by Studio Oink. A small apartment in a popular area.

Workshop Coffee – London (UK)

This kind of long narrow table for my dining room. Builds intimacy at a dinner party.

Loft dans une grange par Inês Brandão

Loft dans une grange par Inês Brandão

Recovering a building with 50 years - half housing, half barn. The aim is to maintain existing memories from a space that, once, was the stage to such varied experiences - rural stories mixed with stories of young people from a controversial.

salle de bain blanc chaux bois

San Giorgio Mykonos Hotel in Mykonos, Greece is a luxury design hotel. San Giorgio Mykonos Hotel, between Paradise & Paraga Beach, offers stylish rooms.

Électricité apparente

Wires and Cords as Interior Decorating Ideas. Tricky decoration in the loft style of the white area

Maison chic et charme - Découvrez cette belle maison chic

It is ideal to have enough space so each of your child has its own bedroom. But what if you have just one bedroom and four kids? The best way out is opting for bunk beds that will accomodate all of your kids plus will help solving space issues.

tonneaux rouges pour supporter le plan de travail de ce bar, le mix des tabourets, et les fils électriques fixés de façon apparentes sur le mur comme des tuyaux.

Un intérieur russe à l'inspiration scandinave

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