Welcome to the Hotel San Regis! Our hotel is pleased to welcome you in a prestigious setting, close to the Champs Elysees. Regularly selected among the most beautiful hotels in the world, Hotel San Regis invites you to a unique experience in Paris.

Passage de L'Ancre, Paris...là d'accord je veux bien habiter à Paris...

At 223 rue Saint-Martin, behind a blue door, hides Passage de L'Ancre, a passage discovered lined with pretty colorful shops whose Pep's boutique, the latest repair umbrellas of Paris.


Montmartre by Guy Langrola So much atmosphere here, loved walking through the streets

Montmartre #Lierac #LieracParis

Place du Tertre, Monmartre - have been here and it is the essence of Paris. Missing this place.

Le Penseur de Notre Dame in Paris

Fine Art Photograph "Contemplation" Paris, France

Gargoyle, to ward off evil spirts from atop of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo, dumps hot oil on the evil crowd below, he saves the gypsy girl.

La place Dauphine et le pont Neuf -Thierry Duval

If I were ever in Paris, I would want to sit at a cafe beside the canal. La place Dauphine et le pont Neuf, Paris -Thierry Duval

Daybreak jaunt ending with a stay at a local coffee shop/breakfast destination for hours to read (preferably in a peaceful breezy outdoor nook). This happens to be a beautifully captured photo of a dream location - a cozy café in Paris.

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