thankful for those friends

True that. And you can't be called a true friend unless you have done the same. (I know I couldn't live with myself, not defending a true friend.

J'aurais voulu...Jacques Salomé.

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At our house, you can enter -have a coffee -drink a glass -chit-chat -philosophize -dine between friends -laugh out loud -danse -be together -together is everything

Dans le même genre, il y a aussi "sache d'où tu viens, pour savoir où tu vas"…

I am free to think, to act , to think , to choose , to love, to accept or not accept. I 'm mostly free to be who I am.

Je suis libre / I am the first, and the last. In the start of the paragraph and at the end.

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Il est grand temps c'est pas trop tôt et c'est même tard on va aller se…