Artwork decomposition

Les oeuvres d'art les plus abouties sont parfois celles qui ont l'air de n'avoir jamais été finies !
98 Pins
3D plaster Tutorial by Nicolina
a sculpture is shown in the middle of a white background with black lines on it
a bronze statue of a person sitting on top of a rock with their head in his hands
four different views of an object made out of clay, including the face of a man
Stretched and Contorted Porcelain Face Sculptures by Johnson Tsang — Colossal
several white busturines sitting on wooden shelves
a sculpture is displayed in a glass case on a white surface with a black base
Kim Hyunsoon artist – sculptures –
four different images of sculptures with hands and feet on the wall, including one man's body
four white busturines sitting on black shelves in an empty room with large windows
A Living Art Gallery, Stunning Interior Design Project in Melbourne
a white statue sitting on top of a wooden shelf
Make Up Salon Ideas, Sebastian Errazuriz, Wingchair, Hem Design, Interior Design Art, Furniture Details, Furniture Styles, Art Furniture, Interior Furniture
sebastian errazuriz recasts greek and roman masterpieces in marble for everyday use
there is a white statue with books on it