3 very dangerous thoughts and statements shoulda, woulda, coulda! Stop and do or dismiss the thoughts about the past!

Do it with passion or not at all. Too many out-of-state companies in this business have no soul in their store. We're so happy to be dedicated to this shop, heart and family <3!

One of the keys to success is passion. If you care about something or want it naturally you won't need to force yourself to work on it. The passion will be your fuel. Only work on things you are passionate about.


SIMPL'IFY'- such a simple word but the 'IFY' is not so simply done. Maybe someday I will stop perfecting chaos and enjoy simplicity --adm--

"Les rencontres dans la vie sont comme le vent. Certaines vous effleurent juste…

Inspirational Quote: Florence Acknin made this with Spoken.

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