~ think good thoughts. Happiness begins there.

~ think good thoughts. Happiness begins there.

Tumbling Quotes

A toi.

The real tomb of the dead, this is the heart of the living ~ Jean Cocteau


Humor & quotes QUOTATION - Image : As the quote says - Description the stars make love to the universe Δ : Photo


Nothing in this world happens by accident, Quote français, french quote.

Le premier amour-Véronique Olmi

Swan: "You were the most beautiful period of my life. That is why, not only can I never forget you, but even I shall always have you constantly in my deepest memory, as a reason of life" - Pier Paolo Pasolini

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What is BMI?

WNL Morning Motivation: It all comes back to what you eat, drink and think. So, eat and drink healthy & think positive.

l' amour

"We are not going to reframe the world; but we will reframe love.