réalisations : Déco d'un salon contemporain chaleureux, Grenoble, Véronique Sgarra

I like how the balcony wraps around above like a theatre would for a show

Home & Kitchen : "bed decor" http://amzn.to/2iV3lzF

Best Glass Window Or Door To Ejoy Perfect View 11 - Futurist Architecture

Appartement à New York Avec décoration industrielle

New York Apartment by Latter- awesome mix of antiques in an open modern setting. But I'd rather a cast iron wood stove instead of that room breaking fire place.

Mezzanine, verrière mur / plafond, escaliers métal, étagères de séparation  Wall House by FAR frohn architects

Wall House by FAR frohn&rojas architects

Built by FAR frohn&rojas in Santiago, Chile with date Images by Cristobal Palma. Wall house innovates on house design, through a sustainable soft skin. This house was awarded the 2007 AR Emerging Aw.

Urban Contemporary Bathroom

Urban Contemporary Bathroom