Its how I feel like I'm alone in the world where nobody cares. I just want somebody somebody to stay by my side telling me its going to be alright keeping me in their arms telling me things will get better but there's no one.

So true...

After all this time I still miss you everyday ~ Grief ~ Heartbroken ~ Heartache ~ Heartbreak ~ Loss ~ Breakup

J'aime beaucoup cette image parce que le concept que les mots l'écrase et la détruise est bien

sticks and stones can break your bones but names will forever haunt you. jus because people call u this things doesnt mean its tru! ur worth more than gold! They won't kill u

"Toi, dit-il, tu es quelque chose de terriblement réel, dans un monde qui est terriblement faux. Et c'est pour ça, je pense, que tu souffres tellement."

"You, he said, you're something terribly real, in a world that is terribly wrong And that's why,. I think that you suffer so much.

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