Great idea for keeping foods

Plastic bag food storage - has anyone tried this? This is a great idea if the plastic bags dont tear from twisting the bottle cap

It's a chair. It's a wall hanging. It's an environmentalist's dream. The ultimate folding chair emerges from the simplicity of a drawing and the sustainability of bamboo and recycled PET from the sketch pad of French designer Christian Desile.

Christian Desile Folding Chair - The Desile Folding Chair is the perfect seat to triumph over shrinking modern storage issues. Designer Christian Desile is the mastermind behind th.

Road trip.

40 photos de Westfalia et autres vans pour vous faire voyager

Summer VW van Volkswagen bus in mint robins egg blue in desert Arizona Midwest roadtrip with friends and happiness blue indie skies

I-gloobox provides safe refuge to nomads even in snowy winters | Designbuzz : Design ideas and concepts

I-gloobox provides safe refuge to nomads even in snowy winters

I-gloobox provides safe refuge to nomads even in snowy winters - Designbuzz

WheelLY Recycled Homeless Shelter by Zo-Loft Architecture & Design  •  Safe storage for one's belongings during the day and a tent at night.

WheelLY Recycled Homeless Shelter Portable and temporary, this unusual-looking design by Italian firm Zo-Loft provides a safe storage space for one’s belongings during the day, and expands into a tent at night

le flysh de zumaia 6   Le Flysh de Zumaia   zumaia rocher photo image flysh falaise

Le Flysh de Zumaia

whatsbeautifulnow: Winding Rocks in the Scottish Highlands. This photograph brings out the beauty of the Highlands. Via themetapicture Geology is amazing…

The Wayfarer Messenger from the Intrepid Bag Co. Spacious and comfortable with room for a 15" laptop, a hidden passport pocket, and much more! Available on Kickstarter now!

Versatile Leather Messenger Bag For Laptops Back in stock in December, reserve yours now. The Wayfarer Messenger bag is swimming with space and versatility for modern day explorers. The big brothe

Joe H. using his paraSITE shelter in February 2000. Joe is a homeless man who lived on the streets near Battery Park City in Manhattan. In the 1970s, he became a contractor and was responsible for building over fifteen buildings in Brooklyn. He was diagnosed with cancer in the 1980s after being exposed to Agent Orange while serving in the Air Force in Vietnam. After forty-seven different operations to treat the cancer, the Veteran’s Association of America ceased paying his medical bills and…

Inflatable Homeless Shelters - Artist Michael Rakowitz’s ongoing ParaSITE project provides portable inflatable shelters for homeless people. ParaSITE shelters utilize the v.