DIY Sew Slippers

DIY Sew Slipper DIY Projects Looks like a great DIY project! Just think of the colors one could make these and cute little accents on the top of them too. Buttons, fabric flowers, twine knot or.


Skinny Jean Tutorial

DIY Skinny Jean Tutorial by small + friendly. These are made from ADULT pants!


super quick needle through the ironing board cover DIY bias tape making! You just need an iron, ironing board, long needle and fabric strips.

Vestidos para madrinas: colección de Carla Ruiz

Vestidos para la madrina perfecta

A coat and dress combination in pink. The coat has a classic cut with an opening to show the dress pattern. A shorter coat in a similar cut can also be worn wonderfully as a long jacket with pants

how to make bias tape

Learn how to make bias tape. It's a little tricky at first, but once you learn how you won't be able stop making it.


V-neckline - a technique worth remembering. I might change one of my favourite simple tops to have a neckline like this.

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