Les 39 bébés animaux les plus craquants du monde animal qui vous feront fondre de tendresse

39 bébés animaux parmi les plus craquants du monde qui vous feront fondre de tendresse

Bunny whispers, cuddles, and kisses. So cute! Baby rabbits sharing a secret.[I can also see me and my friend isabelle just like this if we were bunnies]

Petit pachat!

Adorable Rag Doll Kitten and you can find them at shelters and with rescue groups. Please do the right thing and save a life. Adopt, Never Shop.

El panda rojo o panda menor es una especie de mamífero carnívoro de la familia Ailuridae, aunque se había clasificado dentro de las familias de los prociónidos y de los úrsidos.

This is a Red Panda. I didn't even know they existed until I saw this pic! Must be a cross between oa panda and a fox; I thought it was a fox or similar creature.

MATIN LUMINEUX: animaux                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Baby Polar in Canada by John A Barrett, Jr. (Your Best Travel Photos Contest A Poler bear ,poler because it lives in the poler reigons!:) How adorable!

Les animaux, c'est mignon, c'est doux... et parfois, c'est complètement débile à souhait ! Voici une sélection de 60 photographies qui vous le prouvouront

60 photos d'animaux complètement débiles !

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Tigre                                                                                                                                                     Plus

I have always wanted to pet a BIG cat, like a lion or tiger, but only if it wouldn't eat me!

TROP mignons

* * " Me doesn'ts knowz any 'Bambi' creature atz allz. Me be a fawn. Pleez leaves me here in meez forest home. Me be waitin' fer me mom to returns.

Lapin  #ANIMAUX ♡

i really wanna snuggle a bunny. Too bad my pet rabbit doesn't like cuddles :(

fond marin, deux dauphins souriants

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