Gérard Trignac (1955-) - L'Attente

Gérard Trignac (1955-) - L'Attente

Gérard Trignac was born in 1955 in Bordeaux, where he attended the Bordeaux School of Architecture. After an exhibition at  Condillac Gallery (1980), a 1st prize in drawing by the city of Bordeaux (1981), an etching grant from the Academy of Fine Arts (1981) and a stay at Casa Velasquez Madrid (1982), he illustrated numerous books, such as Tristan and Isolde, Ode to Paris, L´ Immortal JL Borges, and Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. Each of his prints begins with a detailed sketch which is…

French artist Gérard Trignac was born in Bordeaux, France. Initially educated to architecture, he decided to change his path to focus on art. His impressiv.

trignac-gerard - Le chevalier errant

Gérard Trignac - Le chevalier errant Eau forte et burin 1983