New Origami Street Art in Angers, France by Mademoiselle Maurice. colors in grey town - des couleurs dans la grisaille de la ville

Colorful Origami Street Art Installations by Mademoiselle Maurice. The Saint-Maurice cathedral was adorned with two installations—a geometric pattern on the front gate and a rainbow of origami on the front steps.

Bricklane, Shoreditch, deux noms de quartiers londoniens où résonne le street art. On y vient seul pour s’émerveiller de toutes les découvertes ou avec un guide pour comprendre le pourquoi du comment (Il y a même des visites en français). Pour moi, c’est ma deuxième visite toute seule, et en un an tout a changé. Enfin presque… […]

Street art à Brick Lane et Shoreditch à Londres

Street Geodes by Paige Smith

I am so totally in support of this urban geode street art project. Created by LA artist Paige Smith AKA A Common Name, the geodes are small art installations made from shiny paper.

The garden of Paradise by Alexei Batoussov.

An artistic interpretation of the tree. What was the artist trying to say? The Garden of Paradise by Alexei Batoussov

Street art in Valparaíso, Chile - Piano stairs

Street art in Valparaíso, Chile. Stairway keys From: Street Art Utopia Webpage has a convenient Pin It Button

Le Street Art miniature de Slinkachu (8)

Le Street Art miniature de Slinkachu

Miniature Street Art Installations by Slinkachu Interact with Their Surroundings - BlazePress

Um, not sure where to add this, but it's cool. Suppose you could have one in your house?!

2. Traffic Light Tree, London, UK

This bit of public art blends nature with traffic in one confusing sculture. It s Pierre Vivant’s Traffic Light Tree. A giant sculpture of fully-functioning traffic lights in London. For some reason it s parked next to a roundabout near Canary Wharf.


Awesome idea for cleaning up a broken down planter box. Wonder how one made entirely of legos would work?

"Tree, Line" by Zander Olsen

Tree, Line by Zander Olsen. These works involve site specific interventions in the landscape, ‘wrapping’ trees with white material to construct a visual relationship between tree, not-tree and the line of horizon according to the camera’s viewpoint.

Amazing Anamorphosis in Berlin’s Hostel