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handmade pressed fol


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안녕하세요. 오후햇살입니다. 요즘 드라이플라워 매력에 퐁당 빠져버렸답니다. 이번에 만나본 제품은 너무...
Walk in / small bunch of light orange & white / photo by sweet girl @__jodysha
Flower wrapping

Mini bouquet

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Bleached ruscus is in importflowers nashvillewholesaleflowers importflowersnashville nashvilleflowers nashvilleflorist bleachedruscus wholesaleflowers driedflowers
fall blooms. Tall, thin grass stems with bushy bunny tail tops. Dried and bleached, lagurus bundle fills any vase with natural ease.

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A weightless dried flower crown, a soft colour palette and delicate details from @rosehipandwren Boho wedding flower crown.
J'ai cédé à la couronne de fleurs séchées pour décorer l'intérieur de Marie #flower #fleur #crown #couronne #driedflowers

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Darling Rose Bud PINK Buttonhole
Boho Midnight Buttonhole
Boho Candyfloss Buttonhole


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some pink flowers are on a white table and there is no image in the top right corner
Fresh Bouquets + Flowers
some white flowers sitting on top of a wooden table
DIY - fleurs séchées, de la graine au bouquet
a vase with dried flowers in it sitting on the floor next to a rocking chair
Flowers from Colombia Road: Dried.
Hochzeit, Hoa, Mariage, Bloemen, Bunga, Beautiful Flowers
5 Ways to Display Dried Flowers
a white frame with pink roses and greenery in it on a table next to a window
a hand holding a glass cup with flowers on it and a candle in the middle
How to Make Homemade Pressed Flower Candles in Teacups
handmade pressed fol
a box that has some flowers in it
Maid of honor gift
some flowers are laying on the floor next to cards and other things that have been placed around them
Flowers, Succulent Wedding, Flowers In Hair, Flower Crown, Floral Hair
Wedding Crowns | The Wedding Pinn