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So many to choose from such a wonderful sight.
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Seeded euc, hangs down and looks amazing in bouquets
Flower Guide
plumosa fern - might be better than the amaranthus - definitely lighter


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One of my favourite dahlias Crichton Honey captured in the garden by @kellybrownphoto #dsfloral
Purple Trachelium flowers are available for Brides in Scotland in February. Contact the Stockbridge Flower Company for more details.

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nice 10 popular wedding flowers and their meaning infographic
Green Wedding Shoes flower guide: pretty flowers that are available year round!


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a person holding a pink rose in their hand with the words moondust rose on it
black and white photograph of flowers in a vase
Bohemian Wornest-France
a vase filled with white flowers on top of a wooden table
a person holding a bouquet of flowers in their hand, with the stems still attached
a blue flower with green leaves in the background
a vase filled with white and yellow flowers
eating and drinking a large bouquet of small flowers...
small blue flowers are growing in the grass
35 Different Types of Orange Flowers
a bouquet of pink roses is shown in close up view with the petals slightly open
Akito Avalanche Wedding Hangers