Cadre original

This vibrant canvas button tree. Another button wall decor.Easy To Make and Extremely Creative Button Crafts Tutorials.

Nick Millette- cette photo est d'une poupée. Je l'ai choisi parce que Éponine et Azelma jouaient beaucoup avec des poupées mais Cosette n'ait pas le droit parce que Mme. Thénardier ne l'aimais pas. Mais Jean Valjean à donné une poupée à Cosette et elle est partit avec lui. La poupée s'appellait la dame mais elle l'a nommée Catherine. Citation de la page 38: "-C'est vrai monsieur? demande Cosette. Elle est à moi, <<la dame>>?

perfect under the tree

Las Sandalias de Ana – Affordable Handmade Dolls – Handmade gifts for Kids :: Small for Big


rocks and dolls: cupboard of delights

'Hand Painting Rocks – Cupboard of Delights rocks and dolls – Kid Inspirations

Incroyable: Tampon de salade pour faire des roses magnifiques

Rosy Stationery

Vegetable Print by duitang: Cabbage rose! make your own stamps for cards or crafts out of veggies!

pom poms, just because they make me happy Last week's craft day involved yarn, fruit and six of us crafters {somehow Greta and I didn't make it into the pictures--we were too busy moving around and...

"YES" to the pompoms on the branches, "YES" to the white vase. "NO" to the white boot vase.

Creativebug: “We just launched gift subscriptions, and now offer workshops with some of the most talented designers on the modern craft scene — including local faves such as Christine Schmidt (pictured) from Yellow Owl Workshop, Hello! Lucky, ceramicist Diana Fayt, book artist Jody Alexander and many, many more.” ( Photo: Laura Morton, Special To The Chronicle

Crafty DIY skills bloom at Creativebug

Wrap some baker's twine or other string around a wooden block to create a graphic textured stamp. -can also use rubber bands- Stamp on inside of paper bags from grocery store or paper that comes in mailed packages, use as wrapping paper.

Cantine - with a lemon?

17 Wacky Ways to Wrap a Gift! Gift Wrapping Ideas

DIY Des draps personnalisés à partir de feuilles et d'encre #pillows #stamps…

Why not try a modern-looking, monochrome leaf motif that will look fresh long past fall? DIY - My DIY Tips Why not try a modern-looking, monochrome leaf motif that will look fresh long past fall?

Arbre à ponpons

DIY pom pom tree for a pop of colour in autumn/winter. Learn how to make pompom branches as an evergreen decor addition.