Utiliser un nettoyant doux pour nettoyer le visage. Casser 2 œufs et garder le blanc. Battre le mélange en ajoutant 1 CC de jus de citron. Mélanger jusqu'à ce que le mélange soit homogène. Étaler le mélange sur le visage en couvrant toute la peau.Laisser sécher pendant 15-20min ou jusqu'à ce que le masque soit raide et sec. Retirer le masque en tirant dessus pour attraper les points noirs. Après le masque, rincer le visage à l'eau tiède. Puis, appliquez une lotion hydratante.

401805597976294916 How to Make a Face Mask to Remove Blackheads: 2 egg whites whisked plus lemon juice. Let harden 15 20 mins. Peel off.

Se débarrasser des points noirs en 5 Minutes. Moitié de citron et de 3-4 gouttes de miel. Frotter le citron sur votre visage, mettent l'accent sur les têtes noires, zones inondables comme le nez, le menton, etc.. Laissez le mélange de citron et le miel sur votre visage pendant 5 minutes, puis laver à l'eau froide. Vous verrez les résultats immédiatement. En outre, le jus de citron estompera aussi d'autres marques/taches sur le visage, et le miel hydratera.

Get Rid Of Blackheads In 5 Minutes. Half lemon drops of honey Rub the lemon on your face, emphasize the black heads prone areas like nose, chin etc. Leave the lemon and honey mixture on your face for 5 minutes, then wash it with cold water.

Rim eyes with Black Liner, then smoke the line with Purple Shadow!

Rim eyes with Black Liner, then smoke the line with Purple Shadow! Makes brown/green eyespop. I used to love wearing purple shadow back in the day :)

Eye Enlarging Makeup

Simple yet pretty eye enlarging makeup tutorial. Also, using white liner on the waterline gives an eye opening effect.


Be Boutique Chic. I love the jacket color! I love the jeans too! This outfit is awesome - again, I love the shoes & how they match the jacket, but they're way too high!

I'll be happy I pinned this cuz it always happens to me

too handy. definitely need this trick! DIY Makeup Fixer Upper by thebeautydepartment: Who knew you could fix your fractured pressed powder?

How to Use Pressure Points for a Foot Massage: Press firmly on tips of  toes-relieve headache and sinus pain. Hold the pressure several seconds at a time.Press firmly small rounded area below smallest toe for pain in shoulder/neck area. Apply pressure up to 20 seconds.Pressure to area below the ball of foot for stomach problems. Firm pressure held for several seconds, then repeat-could be beneficial to digestive system. Pressure to area just in front of ankle on bottom of foot- help knee…

Foot reflexology: massage the part which corresponds with the part of your body that hurts and it will slowly reduce and eventually get rid of the pain. Helps promote blood circulation to that particular part of the body!

15 Cute And Easy Ponytails I could do maybe one of these by myself...

15 Cute And Easy Ponytails

You can make these ponytails on your own in minutes which are perfect for all occasions. So, try this 10 different stylish and easy ponytail hairstyles.

NAKED 2 PALETTE HOW TO | Glitz and Glam Girls | eHow

"Brown Smokey Eye: Urban Decay NAKED 2 palette" by mrsplancarte And this is why I need the Naked palettes.