25 Awesome Social Media Monitoring Tools Your Brand Should Be Using | #SocialMedia #Tools

25 Awesome #SocialMedia Marketing Tools - #infographic

This is just a concept, how a UX designer would like Instagram Redesign to be.

This is our daily mobile app inspiration article for our loyal readers.Every day we are showcasing a mobile app design whether live on app stores or only

Infographie Pinterest - Pinterest et les marques

Pinterest et les marques : les chiffres à connaître

guide 2016 dimension des images sur les réseaux sociaux

It’s no secret that images are an important part of your social media content. They attract attention and stand out among the information that floods our social news feeds. In fact, social media posts with visuals deliver 180 percent greater engagement.

Addiction aux réseaux sociaux : statistiques et tendances

L’addiction aux réseaux sociaux : statistiques et tendances

Check out our infographic, ‘Social Media Addiction – Statistics and Trends” for an in-depth look into the various social media platforms. Did you know social networking accounts for of all media time spent online.

Social Media Landscape

I just love to show you this new 2014 CMO's guide to the 2014 social landscape. It's about SEO, Brand Awareness, Customer Communication and traffic generation. I hope it will inspire you to consider new channels for your marketing campaigns.