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Coffee & Cigarettes - Poster - Victor Hertz

So clever - Coffee & Cigarettes poster remake by Viktor Hertz. "The clean, minimal design is really striking and the coffee mug made out of the negative space is a brilliant idea. i love minimal design

Des logos d'animaux incluant leur forme -

Indian graphic designer Shibu PG uses a subtle touch to add animal features to words. He modifies just one letter to add the defining characteristic; for example, the letter “u” in the word “bull” has horns.


Find a magazine logo or other logo that incorporates an interesting design not already mentioned.) theres a double entendre here

50 Creative TypeBased Logo Designs For Inspiration

Type based logo designs are logo designs that are created solely with the help of typefaces. Logo design is the graphical representation of the business and it is a sign of the business or products;