Extrait d'un poeme de shakespeare

Apparently, an extract of some Shakespeare poem (tell by the internet) in french. I don't find the original version but I like the meaning of the texte and I want to share it.

J'entends ta voix dans tous les bruits du monde - Paul Eluard

An entry from Maja

La vie est une question de timing

beaute du hasard We must never underestimate the influence of chance on the existence of any being. Be in a certain place at a certain date at some time can upset the trajectory of an individual.

Mot excentrique - Confidentielles

Mot excentrique - Confidentielles - I once tried to be normal . the worst two minutes of my life!


Along the lines of 'We have to love and then you have to say, and then you have to write it, and then you have to kiss on the mouth, eyes and elsewhere.

Je n'ai pas la #patience de patienter. #LesCartons

I don't have the patience to be patient.lol, ever feel this way?

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Paris ne s'est pas construit en un jour.Mais parfois on grillerait bien des…