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a wooden table with black metal legs on it
The Section Collective — Ernest journal
an image of two chairs on the floor with one chair upholstered to the side
BABY ROYALE the new, elegant, comfortable, small armchair by Casamilano
an upholstered chair is shown in this image, it appears to be made out of fabric
modern furniture & lighting | spencer interiors, vancouver | armchairs
Casamilano Royale 39.37" w x 36.22" d x 32.39" h seat height: 16.54"
a modern sofa with an angled backrest and foot rest on the bottom half of it
Modern designer Italian sofas and couches
an orange and grey couch sitting on top of a black floor
Sofa Sweet - Norki | James Lenglin Design
SWEET.....and so practical for seating different sized people...the seat depth varies
a large white object sitting in the middle of a room with light coming through it
Daniel Miese: concrete bench
several gray couches sitting next to each other on a white surface
POLAR PERCH Banquette modulable avec dossier By Tacchini | design Pearson Lloyd
Canapé composable modulable POLAR PERCH by Tacchini Italia Forniture | design PearsonLloyd
a white chair sitting on top of a cement floor
Meuble design et haut de gamme | Meuble tendance
Dune by Rainer Mutsch #meuble #mobilier #chaise #chair #modernfurniture #meuble #mobilier #design #assise #chairsideas #fauteuil
a white couch sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a black and white wall
Isomi | Furniture | Products | Mono Seat