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two wooden handles on the side of a kitchen cabinet
Torbreck 11G — Vokes and Peters
Torbreck 11G - Vokes and Peters
a close up of a wooden surface with a white object in the middle
My Precious Companion by Nooktu (NOTCOT)
suspendre grâce a une boucle
a light that is on the side of a wall next to a plate with a plant in it
Amazon.fr : Ruban Lumineux Jardin
Want To See More? Visit Us For More Rustic Bedroom Ideas #led_lighting #lighting_fixtures
two tables made out of wood and glass with designs on the top one table is shaped like a tree trunk
Une table tout simplement magnifique
a bench made out of rocks and wood
Actu Design – L'Humanosphère
Whouah! Joli, ce pied de table !
three white shelves with books on them against a gray wall
Michael Hilgers Has Designed A Floating Shelf That Transforms Into A Desk
Berlin based designer Michael Hilgers has created TWOFOLD, a compact wall shelf that can be transformed into a wall desk. #Design #Furniture #Shelving #WallDesk
a red table with a wooden top and metal frame on the bottom, next to an image of a piece of furniture that has been made out of wood
39 tréteaux designs pour créer une table ou un bureau
37 idées déco de tréteaux pour créer une table ou un bureau
a close up of a wooden object on a wall
Porte manteau
three different shelves with books on them, one is empty and the other has closed
sympa l'idée du serre livre intégré à l'étagère...
a close up of a pink object on a white surface with two wooden sticks sticking out of it
Pied de chaise en contreplaqué Bouleau et plastique
a wooden table with metal legs and gold trimmings on the edge is shown in an instagramting post
Alice Tacheny Design - DPAGES - a design publication for lovers of all things cool & beautiful
métal joint. fente dans la plaque permettant d'insérer une autre plaque perpendiculairement.
a close up of a wooden chair with white fabric on it's backrest
H Furniture : Collection Loom
H Furniture : Collection Loom - ArchiDesignClub by MUUUZ - Architecture & Design:
the back end of a metal chair with curved legs
plllus' inspirations
bent metal