C'est normal car l'on passe notre temps à juger les gens sur leurs apparences.

Some deceived by their cover, other surprised by their content " A toxic friendship : Don't judge a book by its cover, experience is the mistress of fools.

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"Life is just like a bicycle, you need to keep on going if you don't want to lose your balance" - Albert Einstein

Et voilà                                                       …

Rumors are lies invented by the envious, often repeated by cretins, and believed by idiots. The intelligent check before believing!

Il manque juste le chocolat                                                                                                                                                      Plus

Il manque juste le chocolat When everything is wrong only those 3 cures works: -silence -tears -music


"The logic will take you to a point A to a point B. The imagination will take you everywhere." Albert Einstein A genius quote. Plus

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Il vaut mieux être belle et rebelle que moche et remoche.