This is example for typography design. I like that design since it is so creative typeface using the glass shape for "g" even though the design is really simple. I've got inspiration when I do assignments for typography design class.

Typographie #9 : Les logos ont du caractère ! | Blog du Webdesign

Typographie #9 : Les logos ont du caractère !

Logo: This is an interesting logo because it's for a fashion designer and her name is written to look like a hanger. I don't think a real high fashion designer would actually do this for their logo, but it still looks pretty cool.

i like how there are some big letters and the text is around those letters but in an organized way

I like how this example uses a letter as a graphic element like a line. Blowing it up to a size where it reads more as a graphic element than a letter meant to be read.

Corsini + Stark

Fancy Little House in the Atwater Village Mews Asking $799k

Rather, it is a collection of 23 eco-conscious detached houses designed by Corsini + Stark and built in 2010 just.