Baby manatees  Picture used on NSVH for November Manatee Awareness....poor thing; where's its mommy?

This manatee is so cute! He Awww, this baby manatee was orphaned. Scientists rescued him and are taking care of him. This is without a doubt the cutest manatee I've ever seen.

Bella and Bubbles!

Just point your trunk to where you threw my ball… Charming pictures of orphaned elephant playing catch with a labrador. Bubbles, a 32 year old African elephant, plays in the river with his best friend.

15 of the Most Unusual Animal Friendships that will Melt your Heart 10 -

Strange friendship ~ Here’s an unusual friendship. Both animals came from the same natural environment, both belonging to the group of herbivores, but are completely two different types. It’s this giraffe and ostrich who share an unusual love.

Real life Bambi and Thumper!!

Disney in real life - Bambi and Thumper! - Rabbit and deer photos by Czech author and animal scientist Tanja Askani who lives with her husband at a game park in Germany

Bambi and Thumper!!!

unusual-animal-friends- ~ An animal photographer caught this real-life Bambi and Thumper playing.

Does she know they have already hatched?

A one-Year-old Hen (Mabel) has adopted a litter of Rotweiller Puppies & Puppy (Baby) Sits during the Daytime Hours, while Mom Dog watches to *Farm for any Suspicious Intruders!

Milo and Bonedigger

Unusual animal friendship - Milo the Dog and Bonedigger the Lion Friendship - ANIMALS

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