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Love transom windows on interior doorways. They allow the light to make it to inner spaces, even when the doors are closed.

i wish it looked like this outside...but alas..it does not. this bedroom will do though.

LOVE all white rooms. "Louis Poulsen lamps - all white bedroom want red trim with red birds on one wall with humming birds on another and black and white photos college of big pictures on another"

Portes ouvertes: maison de rêve en Californie – Buk & Nola

I love big mirrors. Vintage Home Decor mixing old and new, antiques with modern piece. How to decorate with Vintage and still look contemporary.

OLDER NEWER The Buzz in Belgium: Local Color for Sale by Justine Hand Issue 12 · Spring Forward · March 26, 2014

The Buzz in Belgium: Local Color for Sale

Radiant with light and texture and thoughtful color. creating EASE in design feel. Couleur-Locale-Belgium-stools-photo-by-Paulina-Arcklin.

Es un look cómodo, colorido y cálido que se está imponiendo en el mundo.

10 consejos para decorar tu casa con un estilo bohemio chic

"Living room = sofa" is a classic equation that's so ingrained in our decorative consciousness that it's hard to break free

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