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Kim Joon's China

Porcelain Tattoos by Kim Joon | Viacomit

Kim Joon est un artiste coréen, il a toujours été fasciné par le corps humain. Depuis quelques années, il a commencé à explorer ses formes, ses attaches, s

Exploding handtools by Damien Ortega- saw this at the Tate Modern in London

Best Modern Abstract Art: 4 Great Modern Art Installations (I) - Paperblog

Contemporary Abstract Art worth watching. The next two articles will talk about great modern abstract and nonabstract installations I´ve discovered around the world. What a pleasure being a gifted contemporary artist able to imagine, create and ex...

Sculpture by Chris Dorosz (2)

Sculptures made from Dripped Paint

If you walk around Chris Dorosz‘s art installations it will appear like his work is abstract, however, at a specific angle, you are able to see human figures formed by acrylic paint drips on plastic rods. Notes from the artist’s statement: Out of material discovery I began to regard the primacy of the paint drop,...

Ed and Marianela, 9, by Julian Opie, 2011

Julian Opie

Lisson Gallery in Milan will present an exhibition by Julian Opie Nov 18 2011-Jan 20 2012. Don't miss out if you are in town.