Jackson Pollock.

Pink on black and white. Jackson Pollock, American American painter, the commanding figure of the Abstract Expressionist movement.

Pierre Soulages.

Pierre Soulages - "Painting is a play of opacities and transparencies"


New contemporary painting: Yago Hortal Painting style - drop splashes of paint then drag brush through it. This is gorgeous. I won't have brushed big enough to do this, but you could pick up a giant sponge brush at the craft store for pretty cheap

beautiful energy flow

Julia Watkins Energy Artist Moon Dancer Energy Painting - Giclee Print Signed By Julia Watkins

Nares painting.

James Nares NY artist

James Nares suspends himself over the canvas in a selfmade harness, and paints one continuous stroke using large brushes he developed himself.

typography D

I love all the different ways this poster has played around with the shape of the letter D. I especially like the onein the top right corner that highlights the geometry of the letter.


Chorégraphique / Nicolas Bonté

Clarendon Type Poster by Maria Aguila, via Behance

This is a poster I found for my Typography class where we are about to start designing posters, I like how this design uses large orange letters that contrast from the black background, the cluttered letters create interesting shapes.

Photographe autrichien, Paul Schneggenburger signe cette magnifique série de clichés en longue exposition (6h) illustrant les mouvements de couples durant leur sommeil.

The Sleep of the Beloved par Paul Schneggenburger