Bonjour tout le monde… Et oui, pendant les 24 jours précédent Noël 2016, nous avons fabriqué un Calendrier de l’Avent pour l’année prochaine! Le voici en images: Retrouvez le tuto…

Calendrier de l’Avent 2016.

How to make a Swedish Advent Star ornament or decorative hanging for Christmas or any time of year using recycled book pages. Handmade straw and wood ornaments… - Christmas DIY

ikea frame advent calendar

advent calendar idea, so cute! Also could do it for a Birthday Month. because everyone celebrates their b-day all month, like me, right? :) You could have this as a birthday card reminder. Each page is a month, write dates of friends and loved ones

calendrier de l'avent avec un bonhomme de neige, advent calendar

Calendrier de l'Avent sans cadeau Samantha Walker's Imaginary World: Snowman Advent Print and Cut Tutorial by Joscelyne Cutchens

DIY advent calendar!

Big box DIY advent calendar on canvas

A Scrapbook of Me: Christmas Advent Calendars - just had a sudden idea for all the tiny baby food jars I've been saving

How to make a wreath Advent Calendar ~ Days of Christmas-- This one is very cute, I always think adding blue freshens xmas colors