ikea frame advent calendar

advent calendar idea, so cute! Also could do it for a Birthday Month. because everyone celebrates their b-day all month, like me, right? :) You could have this as a birthday card reminder.

Calendrier de l'Avent

Brico de Noël : le calendrier de l'avent like this idea of using pages from an old phone book

calendrier de l'avent avec un bonhomme de neige, advent calendar

Calendrier de l'Avent sans cadeau Samantha Walker's Imaginary World: Snowman Advent Print and Cut Tutorial by Joscelyne Cutchens

DIY advent calendar!

Big box DIY advent calendar on canvas

Christmas Countdown Wreath

Countdown to Christmas using an Advent Calendar with gifts or activities. Make it yourself or purchased one, loads of Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

A Scrapbook of Me: Christmas Advent Calendars - just had a sudden idea for all the tiny baby food jars I've been saving

How to make a wreath Advent Calendar ~ Days of Christmas-- This one is very cute, I always think adding blue freshens xmas colors

Calendrier de l'avant

10 inspirations pour faire votre calendrier de l'avent DIY

Such a fun way to look back at highlights from the year while counting down the days till Christmas! Could also use photos from past Christmas memories.