Romy Schneider - I've worked with the biggest tyrants: [Otto Preminger] Preminger, [Orson Welles] Welles, [Luchino Visconti] Visconti. Despots - they have contempt for most actors. When they meet someone who stands up to them, everything's great.

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Romy Schneider was born on September 1938 and died on May at only 43 years of age. Romy was a German film actress who was b.

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German actress, best known (sadly) for her role as Sissi, the empress of Austria

Romy e Javiera erano come due gocce d'acqua

The most amazing actress we ever had in France, and i'm not talking about "Sissi" the movies but way after that.

Eva Sereny - Romy Schneider, - Deux épreuves argentiques d’époque.