Sonia Delaunay, artiste de la modernité

Montage of textiles designs. All images from Color Moves: Art & Fashion by Sonia Delaunay.

Sonia Delauney, Artist & Textile Designer

Russian-born artist Sonia Delaunay was big on fashion sketching and was known for her use of cubism and geometric shapes. The body was used as an ornament to geometric shapes.

La décoration prend ses quartiers d'été

La décoration prend ses quartiers d'été

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Sonia Delaunay 'Atelier Simultané', a plate from the portfolio, 'Sonia Delaunay: ses peintures, ses objets, ses tissus simulttanés, ses modes', ed. Librairie des Arts décoratifs, 1925.

I remember doing a project on the Sonia and Robert Delauney in school and thinking it was some of the most exciting stuff we got to


Sonia Delaunay fashion design water-colour - as a print for in the bathroom or walk in closet.