Anne Titley Taylor

Anne Titley Taylor

Anne Titley Taylor
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Craft yourself some Day of the Dead Lantern Kits - Each kit includes card lantern template and coloured tissue paper. Lovely as a party decoration!

Day of the Dead Lantern Kits Use your head. craft a skull lantern! Glue the tissue paper to the pre-cut card lanterns, assemble and hang for a spine-tingling effect. -MdiwCMClQqQ Thna6P3lPdI AAAAAAAAHWc ufMxD8GQnRU s1600 candle-inspiration-4bWEB.jpg

Easy candle wrap DIY (part 2 with handmade paper)

papier de soie et branches

Twig City Lantern--maybe print something in sepia colors on vellum and use instead of the tissue paper.

Creature Candy Dishes | Martha Stewart Living - These bewitching characters are not as innocent as they seem. If you're not careful, they'll eat all the candy themselves.

The playful pumpkins on this Halloween lantern open their mouths to let candlelight stream through. Print the Pumpkin Lantern Clip Art