Marque page chat en fil de fer DIY

DIY Cat Bookmark Tutorial from One Artsy Mama. Since you are using soft wire this should be quite easy to bend and hammer depending on the look you want. Also, you can make a smaller version for a necklace. For one of the best DIY Wire archives go.

Punts de llibre

[Creative appreciation] flowers bookmarks, so that your book out of the flowers. Clever design is convenient to collect and appropriate use. Hearted DIYer may wish to use this design to produce exclusive bookmarks.

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DIY Papercut Animal Bookmarks

Cute DIY bookmarks in adorable animal shapes perfect for the book lovers in your life. From handcrafted lifestyle expert Lia Griffith.

DIY marque page coin de livre

DIY Corner Bookmarks - Cute Monsters

Le marque-page « Animaux de compagnie »

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