Acrostiche - Retraite, retirement

A selection of retirement poems and verses for family, friends or acquaintances that can be used in a retirement card or with a gift

J'ai juste un peu plus d'expérience...mais j'ai toujours 20 ans...

I am not 30 years old! I am still 20 but with 10 years of experience. I have a few more years experience ! but still 20 ish!

Carte décorative citation A6 : "On ne dit pas vieux on dit vintage" (couleur) : Cartes par mes-jolies-phrases

Carte décorative citation : "On ne dit pas vieux on dit vintage" (couleur)…

Vinie CL - Google+ i stopped playing sports there are more than 30 years without patches without acumpunture without help just the will

I stopped doing sports thirty years ago, without patches, without acupuncture, without help, just by force of will.

Phrases qui font du bien

One cannot help getting older, but one can prevent becoming old.

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