multiplication wheels


multiplication wheels - free printables for these and other fun math resources Public education. This will help me to explain to students just starting to learn multiplication tables how to multiple numbers.

Maths CP. Trouver les additions qui sont égales au nombre demandé. Pince à linge. Autonomie.

equation cards - with the 'answer' at the top of the card, children will need to add up the equations to see if it equates to the answer. if it does, clip a peg next to the equation.


Confessions of a homeschooler has FREE Skip Counting Mazes for the numbers and 12 all in a fun maze format.

Champions de tables de multiplication - L'école de Crevette

Champions de tables de multiplication

Atelier Montessori : multiplication posée - Loustics

Atelier Montessori : multiplication posée

génial : méthode tactile pour aider les enfants à apprendre leurs tables de multiplication de 6 à 10

Swedish Classroom Fun: Russian multiplication Using your fingers to multiply the numbers 6 - 10 to each other.