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Impressive Paper Origami from Vietnam

Nguyễn Hùng Cường is more of a paper sculptor than an origami master, taking the folding craft to the next level with his incredibly detailed pieces. Read more: Nguyễn Hùng Cường Transforms Vietnamese Paper into Gorgeously Realistic Origami Animals

Origami Clock #rawdesign #colourful

Origami Clocks by Raw Dezign Faceted wall clocks are individually cast in turquoise resin and are formed in a flexible mould which is manipulated by hand for each piece to give every clock a unique shape, so no two are the same.

Colorful envelopes #red #blue #green

Colorful envelopes #red #blue #green

DIY origami necklace

5 Creative DIY Projects for Kids Look­ing for some­thing creative to do with the kid­s over the weekend? Here are 5 easy do-it-yourself crafts for kids (and parents). DiY Origami Necklace via DIY.

Paper gems

Paper gems (+ templates) --- This project is quite fiddly so more aimed at grown-ups or older kids. "You can use these paper gems as hanging decorations (for your Christmas tree) or you can incorporate them into a mobile or garland.

Irving Harper #sculpture

The work of Irving Harper A very successful industrial designer during the century. He is credited with many modern furniture design concepts, including the marshmallow sofa and the ball.