Semana do Onze 2014 Poster

Typography inspiration

Mixed Typography, Lettering & Calligraphy Inspiration Semana do Onze 2014 Poster Submitted by Halfazebra Studio.

ajuicery: As if there weren't already enough reasons to love the mighty lemon! 🍋 Illustration by Nina Cosford

Summer Flyer Template PSD. Download here…

Summer Flyer

I like the use of a bold headline with stock images occupying the white space. Maybe "New-family-vehicle-for-a-cross-country-visit-to-nanna-swimming-pool loan.

✖ jens mennicke #posters

CARE affair Jung — Illustration with: Jens Mennicke, Art Direction Markus Olson, Dmitry Zakharov, Jens Mennicke, Design for: CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg

by katja schloz

Katja Schloz Graphic Design is a Stuttgart based studio for graphic design and art direction founded in Projects include a wide range of commissions, from visual identity and concept development to typography, Editorial Design, websites and illustra

現代の造形 - Life  Art「版の力」展 - Daikoku Design Institute

linedotarea: “Daikoku Design Institute , Higashihiroshima City Museum Of Art, 2014 ”