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Halloween is just around the corner. In need of a costume idea ladies? Here is a quick, super cute DIY costume for those on a budget. I wore this at the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days Event with my daugh (Cute Diy Costume)

Leather bracers 3.0: Gamora by CaptainMorganTeague on deviantart

Leather bracers Gamora by CaptainMorganTeague Guardians of the Galaxy leather rubber gauntlets gloves cosplay costume LARP LRP equipment gear magic item

Wasteland Champion Motorcycle Tire Pauldron -- Don't know what I'd wear this with but I'd wear this the battle every day!! :D

Wasteland Champion Tire Armor by swanboy. I imagine a tire would actually absorb a lot of force from blunt instruments. (It also blocks a lot of cutting weapons, it just needs a bit of padding underneath it)

Association Sept de Sang - GN De l'Autre Côté du Miroir - Dahem - Homme et Femme - Idée costume

Wrapped boots for trekking through the deep forests. If you have boots that aren't quite 'fantasy/post-apoc' , get some linen and tear it in long strips (or coffee stain cheese cloth) and wrap it around your boots