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Best Hairstyles Ideas : Twisted Bun Hair Tutorial offers a few simple steps to make your dream hair styl

12 Things Healthy Girls Do Before 7 A.M. #theeverygirl

12 Things Healthy Girls Do Before 7 A.M.

Before you claim that you don& have time to eat breakfast, listen up: Research indicates noshing first thing can lead to lower body mass index, better memory, improved attention skills, and increased daily calcium and fiber intake.

Déjà entendu parler des vertus de l'huile de ricin sur vos cheveux ? Biba vous montre comment vous en servir.

Utilisation de l'huile de ricin : comment l'appliquer sur les cheveux ?

Aromatherapy is a wonderful healing medium. And, while you are breastfeeding, you may be tempted to fix yourself a nice essential oil bath.