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* * " Me doesn'ts knowz any 'Bambi' creature atz allz. Me be a fawn. Pleez leaves me here in meez forest home. Me be waitin' fer me mom to returns.

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Image of a very young hedgehog made at the edge of a pond, drinking water. The reflections and nice warm atmosphere of the colours is what attracts me in this image.--- It is not a ''a hedgehog,'' it is Jawn.

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Fox squirrel types live throughout a lot of the USA, leaving out the eastern coastline. It is the biggest sort of squirrel varying from 17 to 27 inches long. These huge squirrels can be found in 2 distinctive shade teams.

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We can't wait for our Spring/Summer Tracks Walks in God's Nature and to see our Deer Friends again!

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How is that this owl is living in the snow? The owl has adopted to its environment. Nature found a way to make it work. We tend to find ways to go against nature. Let's get back to being one with nature.

30 photographies de familles animales qui prouvent que nos amies les bêtes sont…

30 photographies de familles animales qui prouvent que nos amies les bêtes sont des êtres au grand coeur


Cliché possible sans chausseurs - Photography possible without hunter

Un photographe immortalise sa relation privilégiée avec les petits animaux sauvages qu’il rencontre | Daily Geek Show


Finnish photographer Konsta Punkka has a unique ability to capture wildlife in close encounters. He calls himself the 'squirrel whisperer' because he can get these woodland creatures to eat out of the palm of his hand.

Animaux - FORETS

I got: Fox!The fox is a cunning agile master of deception, watching from a close distance. You've gained this gift by putting yourself in harms way to protect another. What's Your Guardian Animal?