lace tee dress - sew sleeves under I don't know if this is technically legal for T2, but I love it. The colors look right on my screen; maybe the contrast speaks to my S4.

Blue Printed White Neck Lace Dress - I want this dress! The link does not take you to a shop website for you to buy it. Any idea where to buy this dress? Any idea as to the designer? I must own this dress!

it says this only takes 30 minutes to make.

We have shared arm knitting projects before, but we absolutely adore this particular on. It takes the arm-knitting trend to a whole new level. perfect for art yarn

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flats that are made to look like Pointe shoes

Chloe "the pointe shoe" flat I'm not sure how I feel about these. I'd probably try to go on point and break them or my feet. plus when you're in dance shoes all day it's nice to see your feet in something else once in a while. but they are super cute!

DOUBLE STRAP BUCKLE HIGH HEEL KNEE BOOTS IN BROWN, Idk why I have such an obssesion with

Ladies Fashion Double Strap Buckle High Heel Knee Boots, Shoes, fashion heel ladies boots, Chic -i really love these

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