How to clean wood cutting boards

How to Oil and Treat Wood Cutting Boards

Best Decor Hacks : Description Do you take care of your wood cutting boards? If you do, they have the potential to last for years! Here is a quick tutorial on how to oil and maintain wood cutting boards in just a few minutes each month.

Cut Canvas - Lay canvas facedown and cut designs from behind. They would look great grouped together. There are several more varieties on blog.

DIY Cut Canvas: I think this crafty idea will be great with "Family" incorporated within the frame as the center of family photos in wall gallery is perfect!

Comment faire pour TRACER un OVALE... avec une ficelle, des punaises et un crayon

Making Art Deco Furniture - The Woodworkers Institute. Great technique for making a nice arch/ellipse/curve!


Coloriages et activités à imprimer de la Bretagne : chevaliers, petit peuple et magie celtique

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paper art, cut-out (use cereal boxes, cut out design, paint them, put cardstock or scrapbook paper behind)

Paper boxes used for the walls as art. Affordable wall art, unique wall display, ways to decorate your home. You can also use art canvas and cut out a pattern from behind it with a repetitive stenciled pattern

Une robe toute simple à coudre pour les grandes chaleurs : La robe longue de plage La robe Néfertiti La robe tablier

[Couture] La robe de campagne

Une idée de comment habiller un fer à cheval.

Native American Inspired Decorated Horseshoe for Your Home Decor Wall Turquoise Color Silver Feathers Beads Leather Lacing Horse Hair

Crafty B.: DIY : Comment faire de la peinture ardoise (et dans toutes les couleurs qu'on veut)

DIY : Comment faire de la peinture ardoise (et dans toutes les couleurs qu'on veut)

Mangeoire pour oiseaux à partir d'un rondin de bois ©inconnu

15 créations DIY pour le jardin à partir de rondins de bois


Love the discolouration effects of this ladies work -- Ancient Tree - Art Block - Woodburning. Going to attempt woodburning again! Gotta keep my hands busy. Relaxing hobby too (: