We are all immigrants even if it was your ancestors, great grandparents, grandparents, parents or yourself.


Bansky street art - Dreaming is my religion blehh i don't like stencil graffiti but dis cute.

mais tout de même, j'aimerais bien que tu viennes m'y chercher, histoire que je sois bien certaine d'avoir bien compris...

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Street Art by Herakut ~ I love the fresh look of this art, and the style of it really interesting.

Actually, we have some Herakut art in Toronto! On the south side of Dundas Street East, just east of Logan! (Street Art by

Miss Tic - time the perfect crime?

Street art by Miss. Perry Martin looks similar to the one we found in New Orleans awhile back

-Miss.Tic- 'soyons heureuses en attendant le bonheur' *Paris 11

Miss.Tic Tag - arrondissement, Paris "Let´s be cheerful while wainting for Happiness" Clever. "A ser alegres mientras esperemos la Alegría!